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Welcome to DaggaX. Dagga is slang for cannabis. The 'X' borrowed from SpaceX. Was it possible the Apartheid government invented time travel? How else could the the Neo-Nazis Apartheid government become a nuclear power and manufacturer of high tech weaponry? All this knowledge gotten while SA was a NTZ or No Trade Zone. In other words the technology was not imported into South Africa.

Was the technology from Space? Maybe another Nazi like planet? Not forgetting the founder of SpaceX was from South Africa? When and why did he disappear. Is the founder of SpaceX an alien or victim of the Voortrekkers?

Some say it was a coincidence? Today the majority of scientists believe in the 'koeksister theory' a koeksister is a sticky sweet bread like snack, fried in boiling hot oil & dipped in syrup. Could the koeksister have magic powers? What does the koeksister and Matzot (Unleavened bread) have in common. The Boers (Possible aliens) The first landing of human-like ... believed they Moses & G-d was speaking to them. This took place while crossing the Dead of Mountains. 'The Drakensberg' Mountains. Humans could only if being chased.

Seriously, how was it possible that the Apartheid government had prior knowledge that Dagga 'a weed' would be their downfall? This is not a joke. The SADF & SAPS, The South African Military & Police used choppers (Military Helicopters) with tonnes of deadly poison they must of really 'feared the weed' for them to starve millions of people as in their effort to destroy all the Dagga they also used fire throwing devices. Imagine them burning and destroying everything resembling green. Also anything living or growing as long as they got the weed they did not care about the crimes against humanity the horrific suffering & starvation . 'Dagga' propaganda was in all the media. Remember the government controlled the media and I do nor believe a day past without fact & fiction was blurred the constant was black as in race high as in stoned murder & rape.

and manufactured weapons I am told even exported specific weapons & aircraft's. What if anything did access to knowledge such insight one the had knowledge of the danger Dagga was to them (The NeNazis used all their had knowledge of the future used strategic space and reusable rockets relate to weed, cannabis exchanges, marketplaces, commodities, low prices and economic empowerment. You may have guessed that DaggaX 'the marketplace' sells rockets. You would be correct. However in this instance SpaceX & DaggaX both have the potential to get you high!

The SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange) SACANEX (Under Construction) While legislation keeps us from trading we thank you for your patience. Legislation has also provided you and I the with the greatest opportunity of our lives.

Become members of the Dagga Co-op. In other words for a nominal amount become the owners (Equity shareholder) of our entire organization. This empowerment endeavor includes the SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange) The (Official) Durban Poison Organization plus all our trademarks & brands.

The Dagga Co-op. does not trade, cultivate or produce cannabis or related products whatsoever.

We rely on our members (Shareholders) who may be brilliant cultivators or scientist who are usually forced to give up their equity. Remember large groups have the resources the economies of scale xxx that part of a large powerful organization spending time on the website, business side of things not providing them related products or services with hundreds of resources to grow your business. You can also sell your shares after 3 years of incorporation. We guarantee 15% growth on your investment every year. We expect your shares to grow at 100% per month for much of the first 3-5 years.

See terms & conditions.

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Not even www.angel.co investors are lucky enough to get this opportunity. Its not like buying shares when a new company is first listed. Do not be fooled you may even get a jump in profit but to get into the rocket just before takeoff! These opportunities are extremely rare. Even prior to listing publicly. The reason is this is the investment banks job. For them its like trying to sell a new brand of washing powder at the highest price possible. Even at the VC. Venture Capital stage.

The Angel investor pays a very risky price. It may be lower than the IPO price but far more risky. At least 9 times out of 10 the investment is gone.

The Co-op. prior to incorporation basically now can only be compared to being in the garage with Bill Gates when he needs working capital or just needs money to keep operating. A Friends, family and possibly his attorney may invest but Microsoft at the time means nothing. Then again you are not paying a marketed or manipulated price in other words your risk is low.

Low risk with the possibility of huge returns is not something you find often. Unfortunately if it seems to good to be true as you know it is probably a scam. That is how rare it is we have to warn ourselves. Most people will never get the opportunity of a lifetime!

If you say its not something that happens often you are correct. Actually most people never have this opportunity. Read about the founding of KWV in South Africa in 1918. Now try become *shareholders. Even if its possible you would need to pay the current trading price. If you are familiar with VC. Venture Capital or Angel investing in my opinion is just high stakes gambling. You would need large amounts of money and more importantly you would need to take the loss without it having any effect. Thus lets refer to it as entertainment for the super rich. Only a tiny percentage of wealthy investors can refer to this as an 'investment'

You & I as members of the (Official) Dagga Co-op. have a bright future. Entrepreneurship may be the highest and most Noble of endeavors. It can also be the complete opposite.

Imagine you have at your disposal a team of people from attorneys, website developers an engineering department etc. How many new companies have this type of support? Members (shareholders) of the Dagga Co-op. have all of this plus own equity. Simply this is economic empowerment at its very best. The Dagga Co-op. Not only free resources but membership includes economies of scale. This alone enables you to compete with large organizations who have huge influence in the market.

All our assets including properties, brands & goodwill has been incorporated into the vehicle reffered herto as The Dagga Co-op. and IP. (Our trademarks & brands) Cannabis, MIUI® (Mobile Internet) MIUI & smart rugged devices RUNBO of cannabis, *smartphones & software , vehicles, assets are owned by the members (shareholders) Mandated by President Nelson Mandela. Copyright ©Durban Poison Group ZA®